Case Study

The goal

To showcase a newly minted product engineering firm’s impressive resume, highlight the advantage of working with a personable, nimble team vs. a faceless agency and create client communication workflows that are as sleek as one of their newest products, The Ember Mug.

our role

Brand Positioning
Standards of Internal & External Communication
Verbal Strategy
Press Communication
Website Strategy & Copy
Client Communication Workflows

The Power of Clarity

With an impressive portfolio including Apple, The Ember Mug and July Air Conditioning, PVTL needed to level up their messaging. PVTL partnered with us to create a distinct, fresh voice that conveyed their perfect blend of innovative engineering, risk reduction and ease of project flow. PVTL is all about honing in on excellent mechanics and production efficiency, but they needed support in getting their ethos into words.

User Focused. Design Driven. 
Product engineering designed to accelerate quality ideas to market.


BRANDSPEAK partnered with PVTL to find their brand positioning and verbal strategy and helped them find a strong and cohesive brand voice. Engineers are often known for their brilliance, but are not always known for their clarity and personable nature. We worked with PVTL to craft a clear, relatable voice that spoke to founders, investors and industrial design partners and articulated PVTL’s unique point of view.

Brand Positioning and Verbal Strategy

PVTL has a robust press roster including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Gear Patrol so a strong PR statement provided deep value for this team by communicating their complex offerings in a concise and understandable way.

There’s no better feeling than seeing your realized idea in the hands of the customer.

Press Communication


Website Strategy & Copy

We took PVTL’s intricate proven process for excellence and distilled it into digestible snippets, highlighting the benefits of working with them. To showcase their bright humor, amiability and relatable personalities, we displayed their portfolio with intelligent and quippy ad copy that showcased the artful, human side of their approach.

We run lean, but we think big.

Client Communication Workflows

To streamline the client experience and enable PVTL to communicate in a clear way with every email, we drafted and organized templates for every important step in the client process. 

Good Design is Subjective,
Good Engineering is Not.

The Flow

We’re with you every step of the way. From connecting you with the right manufacturers, to compliance and fabrication, to packaging and logistics, we’ll hand you confidence and direction. After this is complete, you’re ready to produce your product large-scale. 

We’ve got your back as your product goes into full-scale production. We’ll solve early manufacturing issues, assist on quality control and provide process and cost improvements along the way with an expert eye on long-term production.


Our entire process is designed with the end goal of taking your concept to market while reducing risk. 

Your Production

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. When your product goes to market, you’ll have nothing but confidence knowing it’s landing in the customer’s hand with integrity and quality.

In collaboration with industrial design and with the end goal of going to market in mind, we create 3D models, form factor mock-ups and functional prototypes. Once we have the looks-like model, we test form and function and finalize all major features. This phase is all about proving the concept and ensuring the investment in tooling is sound.   


Your Prototype

We craft a seamless path to launch and share all of the network referrals necessary to get you there, keeping innovation and design as our guiding principles. 



Post launch, we provide a forward thinking analysis geared towards both refining the next iteration and starting on new products, all with the goal of scaling your company and offerings.



“This is amazing. Having this is really going to be a game-changer."

 - Joe Koch, Founder